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The first time John Denver and I played together, in my Aspen living room, 1973, we thought we’d played for about an hour, but it had really been almost three. Time disappears when musicians find a common groove.  It’s the possibility of that magic that keeps musicians playing. 

The band was John, myself, and Dick Kniss on bass. I played lead guitar, dobro, pedal steel, and sang the low harmony. Then we added John Sommers. In the audio tapes of his book, John says “It was that constellation, along with some terrific studio musicians, that carried me thru some big years touring and recording”.

My first studio work with him was John Denver’s Greatest Hit’s, Volume 1, then Back Home Again, Evening With John Denver, Rocky Mountain Christmas, Windsong, Spirit, and Greatest Hits Volume 2.  And he included a few songs that I wrote for him.

For his very biggest years, 1973-77, I played all the concerts, TV show&, records. It was quite a ride.

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